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Art Exhibits 2016

Birding in Watercolor by Kristina Knowski

Gallery Information

Kristina is a watercolorist depicting primarily avifauna and is best known for her portfolio of both extinct and extant bird species. The natural world is her inspiration, drawing from the existing beauty of our environment. As an avid birder, Kristina prefers to work from life and spends most of her time sketching and researching species in the field.

All works in this exhibit are watercolor on paper. A planned composition is drawn first, followed carefully by several layers of transparent paint. The extant, or existing, bird paintings are usually illustrational, creating an optimum version of the species similar to that of a field guide. These are made as a formal study of the bird, keeping the background minimal. The pieces in this group of work focus on native birds of the Midwest region. Kristina finds that by studying these birds through drawing and painting, her identification skills in the field become more acute and advanced. It is in this conjunction that she feels she can most accurately represent a bird in its natural poise and grace.

Since graduating Valedictorian from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 2012, Kristina has participated in numerous shows in Chicago and surrounding states, including Animalier: The Animal in Contemporary Art, Apocalypse 2012: Genesis 2013, and Facing Extinction. Her most notable solo show was at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Dreams of Martha, in conjunction with the 100th year anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon.

Northern Flicker
Piping Plover