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Recent Programs

Technology Programs

Spotlight on Home Security Cameras

This class will teach you what you need to know to get started using home security cameras, covering both the benefits and the pitfalls.

Cord Cutting - Choosing the Best Streaming Services

Whether you’re about to cancel cable or cut the cord years ago, it’s time to survey the rapidly changing landscape of streaming services.

Not Dead Yet - Classic Film Cameras and Lenses

While digital cameras and smartphones have led to the apparent demise of film, classic cameras and their lenses have had a recent renaissance.

Wellness Tech

If the pandemic is taking a toll on your mental health, you are not alone. We will discuss practical ways in which technology can help to relieve stress, improve sleep, and clear your mind.

Podcasts for All!

We will be highlighting some of our favorite podcasts and providing tools for you to seek out podcasts that interest you. We will also discuss different ways to listen to your favorite podcasts.

Password Managers

Experts recommend that we use a different password for every website. What a pain! Thankfully, password managers will remember every login for you, and even auto-generate strong ones.

Social Media Accessibility

Learn how to apply Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) to make your social media presence accessible and friendly to all. Presented by Mark McCarthy, an Accessibility Engineer at the University of Illinois System.

Voyagers Travel Discussion

Fall in Western Massachusetts

The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts provide the perfect backdrop for fall color. We will guide you through the highlights of travel to this region to jump start your fall travel plans.

Santa Fe

Capture D.H. Lawrence’s sense of wonder in this discussion of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a picturesque cultural jewel in the desert Southwest.


We present a four-day itinerary on this virtual trip to Seattle, and include ideas for day trips outside of the city.

Summer Roadtripping

If you are hesitant to fly but ready to travel this summer, we will be discussing drivable destinations that will check all of the boxes for outdoor summer fun.

Destination Tokyo

This virtual trip includes stops at the city’s most popular destinations, as well as historical context and information.

Safer Travel in Challenging Times

In this program, we discuss strategies to reduce your risk of contracting the novel coronavirus while enjoying your trip.

Virtual Outdoor Beauty

Explore majestic sights across the globe without leaving leaving your home.

Global Pen Pals

Mike and Susan discuss why you might want to take on the enriching activity of being a pen pal and how to go about it.

For Students & Parents

Jumpstart Your College Applications

This workshop for incoming high school Seniors will arm you with everything you need to know to get started on your applications. Consultant Kim Anderson will cover the different application platforms and overall timing for the application process, what is important to highlight on your application, how to build a balanced college list and a sound application strategy, what does test-optional really mean, how important are letters of recommendation and when is the right time to ask, what makes a strong personal statement and guidelines for writing great supplemental essays. Get a head start on your applications before the start of the school year.

Challenges to College Aid and Awards

Recent legislation included substantial changes to the FAFSA and college financial aid. Join us as Heidi King of College Inside Track describes how these changes may impact your family and new strategies to consider to give your student the best opportunity.

Discover Gap Years!

Join Katherine Stievater, Founder of Gap Year Solutions, for a presentation and Q&A about the benefits of Gap time, and how to plan a transformational and purposeful Gap Year on any budget.

Spotlight on College

Professional college advisor Kim Anderson will guide you through the process of applying to college by providing important tips so that you can find the schools that are YOUR best fit.

Why Gap Years Matter More Than Ever

Join Katherine Stievater, Founder of Gap Year Solutions, for a presentation about the benefits of a Gap Year and what Gap Years look like when international travel is not a realistic option.

Kitchen Tech

Kitchen Tech - Pump Up Your Pantry

Life is too short for uninspired and boring meals; make room for exciting ingredients to help spark up those pedestrian dishes with updated pantry essentials!

Beyond Black Bean Burgers

Susan and Mike walk you through what you need to know about a meat-free diet and provide insight into the latest plant-based innovations.

All Things Italy

Learn how to use kitchen tech to make all things Italian from pizza to pasta, gelato to espresso. Ciao!

Smart Kitchens

What benefits does a smart kitchen provide? Is it worth the extra cost? We’ll separate hype from reality in this informative session.

I Can Grill That?

We will discuss what you can grill beyond burgers, steaks, and brats, what tools you’ll need, and how to do it.

Guest Presenters

Protect Your Family Tree with Estate Planning

Make life easier for yourself and your loved ones by following these top tips from expert estate planning attorney Debra Anthony.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Scams

This presentation by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office will provide you with the tools to gain an understanding of the most common scams and how to keep your money safe.

Paranormal Illinois - Tales of Ghosts, UFOs, and Mysterious Creatures

Paranormal researcher Chad Lewis takes the audience on a ghostly journey to some of the most bizarre places in Illinois.

From Hinsdale to Paris: 160 Years of Loie Fuller

Join us for an event with Liz Heinecke, author of “Radiant,” a book about Loie Fuller and Marie Curie. 160 years since her birth, Loie Fuller’s hometown of Hinsdale celebrates her life.

Cooking with Chef Grace

Chef Grace Goudie joined us to demonstrate a favorite recipe, answer questions, and share some Chopped secrets.

Novel Tea

Novel Tea Fall 2021

Join us for a lovely afternoon of tea and treats, and hear about some of the newest books suggested by Adult Services librarians.

Novel Tea Summer 2021

Brew a cup of tea and join us from home to hear about some of the newest books suggested by Adult Services librarians Maura & Emily.

Novel Tea Fall 2020

Brew a cup of tea and join us from home to hear about some of the newest books suggested by Adult Services librarians Maura & Emily.

Food Programs

Fresh and Local - Farmer's Markets and CSAs

Get the scoop on the best farmer’s markets and CSA shares in the area.

United Foods of America: Pizza!

In this program, we will explore the ways pizza is prepared across America, from New Haven to California and all points between.

Emergency Preparedness

Simple Steps to Prevent Falls

Join fall prevention expert Chandra Jadhwani to learn important tips to prevent falls and avoid serious injuries.

Severe Weather Preparedness

Professor Paul Sirvatka from the College of DuPage will summarize the nature and climatology of significant weather from wind storms to tornadoes to devastating snow and ice storms.

Surviving A Spring Power Outage

When the power goes out, we will provide you with important tips to keep your food safe, your phone charged, and keep you connected to the latest news.

Other Programs

Holiday Gift Guide

Technology is always a crowd favorite and we’re here to help you find the hottest gift ideas for computer enthusiasts or the family chef.

Composting 101

We cover what composting is, how to compost, what is compostable, and different types of composters available.

Getting Comfortable with Hi-Tech Workwear

Get the latest information on garments that project a professional appearance while maximizing comfort, as well as recommendations on specific clothing items to try.

Vote Smart

We will cover how to identify unbiased sources, when to be wary, how to find reliable polling information, and where to go for trusted sources of voter information.