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Recent Programs

Technology Programs

Your Guide to Contactless Payments

There program will explore how to get started completing transactions by pressing a button on your watch or tapping your credit card at the pump and whether it’s safe to do so.

Electric and Hybrid: Great Options for Your Next Vehicle

We cover the basics about owning and maintaining electric and hybrid vehicles, and the benefits and limitations of both.

Getting the Most from Your iPhone

Beginners and seasoned iPhone users alike are sure to learn a new tip or discover a great app in this program.

Your Smartphone Photo Safety Net

In this session, you’ll learn how photo tools from Google and Amazon can make it easier to save and share your treasured images.

Chromebook Basics

Learn about the benefits of using a Chromebook, how it differs from a PC, and how to get the most out of using one.

Getting the Most from Your iPad

From quick tips to recommended apps, you’ll get a wide variety of information to enhance your iPad experience.

Pump Up Your PowerPoint

If you are looking for tips to make your next presentation more engaging and impactful, this program will provide you with the tips you need.

Voyagers Travel Discussion

Summer Roadtripping

If you are hesitant to fly but ready to travel this summer, we will be discussing drivable destinations that will check all of the boxes for outdoor summer fun.

Destination Tokyo

This virtual trip includes stops at the city’s most popular destinations, as well as historical context and information.

Safer Travel in Challenging Times

In this program, we discuss strategies to reduce your risk of contracting the novel coronavirus while enjoying your trip.

Virtual Outdoor Beauty

Explore majestic sights across the globe without leaving leaving your home.

Global Pen Pals

Mike and Susan discuss why you might want to take on the enriching activity of being a pen pal and how to go about it.

For Students & Parents

Why Gap Years Matter More Than Ever

Join Katherine Stievater, Founder of Gap Year Solutions, for a presentation about the benefits of a Gap Year and what Gap Years look like when international travel is not a realistic option.

Spotlight on College: Tips for Admission Success

Spotlight College Advising will cover everything from standardized testing and assessing school fit to improving your odds of admission and strategies for reducing the overall cost of attendance.

Teen Success at Home: How to Boost Executive Functioning

This information session arms you with strategies to boost your student’s executive functioning skills so that they can stay organized, keep a routine, practice effective study skills, avoid Zoom fatigue, and experience success with remote learning.

How to Apply For College During COVID-19

Independent college counselor Thomas Jaworski highlights important considerations for college applications this fall including tips for the common app and what to do about standardized testing.

Tech Talk Quick Looks

HBO Max & Peacock

Mike covers cost, content, device support, and more on HBO Max and Peacock in this brief video.

Becoming a TV Sleuth 

Mike reveals his picks for getting the real scoop on TV programming.

Streaming Documentaries

Mike takes a look at a few ways to stream documentaries online, all of which are either free or low in cost.

Just Watch

Librarian Mike reviews JustWatch, a search engine for streaming TV and movies.

Kitchen Tech

Kitchen Tech - Pump Up Your Pantry

Life is too short for uninspired and boring meals; make room for exciting ingredients to help spark up those pedestrian dishes with updated pantry essentials!

Beyond Black Bean Burgers

Susan and Mike walk you through what you need to know about a meat-free diet and provide insight into the latest plant-based innovations.

All Things Italy

Learn how to use kitchen tech to make all things Italian from pizza to pasta, gelato to espresso. Ciao!

Smart Kitchens

What benefits does a smart kitchen provide? Is it worth the extra cost? We’ll separate hype from reality in this informative session.

I Can Grill That?

We will discuss what you can grill beyond burgers, steaks, and brats, what tools you’ll need, and how to do it.

Guest Presenters

Severe Weather Preparedness

Professor Paul Sirvatka from the College of DuPage will summarize the nature and climatology of significant weather from wind storms to tornadoes to devastating snow and ice storms.

Frida Kahlo - Timeless

Diana Martinez, Director of the McAninch Arts Center, walks us through the details about the upcoming and super exciting Frida Kahlo “TIMELESS” exhibit.

Hinsdale's Housing Market

Linda Dressler, President of Mainstreet Organization of Realtors, discusses Hinsdale’s hot housing market.

Late Summer and Fall Color in the Garden

Learn from a Master Gardener how to rev up your August-September garden with perennials, ornamental grasses and the fall color of trees & shrubs.

A Conversation with Susan O'Byrne

Join us for a visit and interview with local Hinsdale author Susan O’Byrne. Her newest novel, Kansas, She Said, came out in August 2020.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk: Electric Bikes

Librarian Mike Oetting provides an introduction and provides practical shopping guidance for electric bikes, a fun and eco-friendly way of getting around town.

Novel Tea

Novel Tea Summer 2021

Brew a cup of tea and join us from home to hear about some of the newest books suggested by Adult Services librarians Maura & Emily.

Novel Tea Fall 2020

Brew a cup of tea and join us from home to hear about some of the newest books suggested by Adult Services librarians Maura & Emily.

Novel Tea Summer 2020

Brew a cup of tea and join us from home to hear about some of the newest books suggested by Adult Services librarians Maura & Emily.

Other Programs

Composting 101

We cover what composting is, how to compost, what is compostable, and different types of composters available.

Getting Comfortable with Hi-Tech Workwear

Get the latest information on garments that project a professional appearance while maximizing comfort, as well as recommendations on specific clothing items to try.

Vote Smart

We will cover how to identify unbiased sources, when to be wary, how to find reliable polling information, and where to go for trusted sources of voter information.