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Space Audit 2023 Proposal Guidelines

Space Plan

The Hinsdale Public Library (HPL) is seeking Statements of Qualifications individuals and firms that can provide professional services to develop a space audit for HPL.

Contact Person:                        Karen Keefe, Library Director



Date of Issue:                            June 28, 2023

Informational Tour:                  July 12, 2023 | 8 a.m.

Due Date:                                  July 26, 2023

Submittals to:                           Karen Keefe, Executive Director

                                                  Hinsdale Public Library

                                                  20 E. Maple Street

                                                  Hinsdale, IL 60521



  1. This RFQ and addenda are available on the library’s website at

  • Any changes to the RFQ or addenda will be posted no later than July 19, 2023 Firms are responsible for checking the website to ensure that they have the most current information regarding the RFQ.
  • All questions pertaining to this solicitation must be in writing and received by July 21, 2023.  All questions shall be sent via email to Karen Keefe at
  • A non-mandatory pre-proposal informational meeting and site tour will be held on July 12 at 8 a.m.
  • The library is not liable for any costs incurred by any firm in connection with this RFQ. Expenses incurred by responding firms are the sole responsibility of the firm and may not be charged to HPL.
  • All proposals submitted shall be binding for 90 calendar days following solicitation due date, unless extended by mutual consent of all parties.
  • Please submit an electronic copy to Additional bound copies may be delivered to the address above.


The purpose of this project is to evaluate the efficiency of library’s current layout at various times of the day/week and to determine optimal resource allocation based on current use and planned enhancements to programs, collections, and services.

Findings will be used to identify and set goals for future architectural and design projects.

The planning will reflect the goals and objectives as outlined in the Hinsdale Public Library 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.


HPL’s first permanent home was in the Village’s Memorial Building, constructed in 1929. HPL moved to one addition in 1957 and another in 1998. Though still connected to the Memorial Building, the Library now operates largely out of the 1998 addition, occupying 30,000 square feet. HPL’s last major renovation was in 2008. Since then, HPL has made smaller changes, including adding study rooms and meeting space, a family bathroom, and updating furnishings and layout.

The HPL Board of Trustees recently completed a strategic planning process that resulted in a three-year plan addressing the needs of the community. Strategic priorities are: Access and Convenience; Education and Enrichment; Connection and Community; and Awareness.

The full strategic plan is available at:

Pre-Proposal Informational Tour

A non-mandatory pre-proposal informational meeting and site tour will be held on July 12 at 8 a.m. The purpose of the informational meeting is to provide prospective firms an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the HPL facility, and, if applicable, provide clarification and guidance on aspects of the RFQ. While attendance at the informational meeting is not mandatory and will not be a prerequisite for submitting a response, prospective firms who intend to submit a proposal are encouraged to attend.

Scope of Work

Prepare a space audit to address the current and future needs of HPL for maximum space utilization and flexibility in responding to new or evolving community needs.

Evaluation Criteria

The selected firm will be chosen on the basis of its apparent ability to best meet the overall expectations of HPL. The Library Board of Trustees will be the judge of which Statements of Qualifications offer the greatest benefit.

  1. Responsiveness and completeness of the Statement of Qualification
  2. Experience and Qualifications: Demonstrated knowledge of planning, management, and evaluation skills and experience in using them. Relevant experience, qualifications, and responsibilities of the architect
  3. Technical Quality and Methodology: Firm’s approach to organizing and managing the project, and ability to document information and recommendations clearly in a written format
  4. Understanding of project objectives and scope; responsiveness to the specific user goals identified in the Strategic Plan
  5. Ability to Communicate: Firm’s ability to build consensus with staff, board, and the community, as needed
  6. Experience in public library planning and/or building projects
  7. References: Examples of completed consulting projects. Satisfaction of former clients with competency of architect and completed work
  8. Project Management: Overall evaluation of the firm’s ability to accomplish a project of this nature within the proposed time schedule

Selection Process

The Library Board of Trustees will review and evaluate the written responses to the RFQ. The top-ranked group (2-4 firms) will be invited to participate in an interview with the Library Board of Trustees. The specific interview schedule and format will be announced later.

The Library Board of Trustees will evaluate and rank the interviewing firms, check references of selected candidates, make the final selection, and negotiate a contract with the successful firm.

HPL reserves the right to reject any and all qualification statements at its sole discretion, accept a proposal based on considerations other than cost, and waive or modify any provisions of this request for qualifications.

Qualifications Submission

Submit an electronic copy no later than July 26, 2023:

Karen Keefe, Executive Director

Hinsdale Public Library

20 E. Maple Street

Hinsdale, IL 60521

All submissions will receive an acknowledgement; call Karen Keefe at 630.570.4000 if you do not receive a response within 48 hours of submission. Respondents are encouraged to include technical information in their response instead of marketing information and are encouraged to be concise in their response. The response should be limited to 25 pages not including the cover letter and resumes.

The Statement of Qualifications must include the following information and in this order:


  1. Cover letter noting the name, address, email, phone and fax number, key contact person
  2. Statement of philosophy
  3. A concise written statement to demonstrate the firm’s understanding of the project and scope of services being sought by the HPL
  4. Description of the general approach to the planning process and implementation of the project
  5. Proposed completion date and a timeline for the project
  6. Proposed fee structure and fee parameters
  7. What additional consultants would you propose to hire to supplement your firm’s basic architectural services? Please provide their names and relevant experience.

Firm History

  1. Number of years in business
  2. Type of ownership, name(s) of owner(s)
  3. Type of organization
  4. Geographical area of operations
  5. Professional affiliations


  1. List the principals in your organization
  2. Describe the size and composition of your organization
  3. Identify and provide the resumes of the project manager, lead architect and key personnel who would be assigned to this project, including an organizational chart.

Experience and References

  1. Please identify three to five completed public library or other similar projects that the project team members have done individual or collectively within the past ten years and which best represent the present skills of the project team members to develop a space audit
    1. Name and address of client
    1. Name, telephone number, and email address of contact person
    1. Summary of project or plan, including year completed and cost
  2. Discuss your team’s experience with space audits for public facilities such as libraries


  1. Provide examples of reports and information that you will be requesting from HPL as part of your research, as well as an estimate of staff time spent collecting new data, recording observations of patron traffic and behavior, or other activities
  2. Provide other pertinent information that you feel makes you qualified for the proposed project
  3. Identify adjustments needed for proposed timeline
  4. Describe your capacity to assist HPL in the next phase–writing an RFP and evaluating bids for architectural and design work informed by the results of this audit.

Anticipated Project Timeline

IDItemDue Date
1Issue RFQ for Space AuditJune 27, 2023
2Non-mandatory informational meeting and site tourJuly 12, 2023
3Written proposals dueJuly 26, 2023
4Written proposals evaluatedAugust 2023
5Firms selected for short listAugust 2023
6Short list interviewsAugust 2023
7Recommendation is considered by Library BoardAugust 22, 2023
8Contract negotiations with selected firmSeptember 2023
9Beginning of Space AuditOctober 2023
10Anticipated Space Audit completion dateFebruary 2024

Questions from July 12, 2023 Walkthrough

Are holds shelving adequate? In the right place?

They are convenient for people running in to grab holds. They could be moved.

Is piecemeal staff workspace a problem?


Do you do programming on the patio?

Yes, and village has plans to enhance with new concrete, plantings, and furniture.

How do you feel about your collection sizes?

Print is close to right-size. AV will shrink. Non-traditional “library of things” will grow—need solution for how to store/promote.

Do teens use the teen lounge?

Not as much as we’d like.

Do you offer technology in the study rooms?

We have a flat screen in one study room on the 2nd floor.

Do you offer “phone rooms” or anything smaller than study rooms?


Anything missing in YS?

Space for younger teens to be social and active without misusing space and materials for small children.

Activities/experiences that compare favorably to larger libraries, museums, and playspaces.


“Living Room” furniture not flexible enough to accommodate programs like After Dark

“Quiet Room” underutilized for the amount of space provided.

Staff would like a new public entrance experience—including improving service desks and sight lines.

Tour included doors/connection to Memorial Hall on all three floors—including the 2nd Floor Board Room in Memorial Hall.

Firms Present at July 12, 2023 Walkthrough

845 Design



Sheehan Nagle Hartray

Additional Questions

Under Personnel, you ask for a list of principals in the organization. As a larger firm,  we have quite a few. Are you looking for a complete list, or potentially those that may be involved in the project?

A list of who would likely be working on our project would be fine.

As we dig into the schedule, can you tell me what your owner review period might be and who the decision making body is? We want to make sure we allow enough time for these reviews within our process.

For the audit part, our Board is the only decision-making body.

Lastly, under Other #4 you ask for our capacity to assist you in writing an RFP and evaluating bids for architectural and design work. If awarded this project, we would love to continue in the capacity as your design firm. Is the intent that this work would go back out to bid or that you may stick with the same team?

If the firm hired for the space audit can also perform the design and architectural work (and the work relationship has been positive), I think the Board would be inclined to stay with the firm who did the audit.