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Technology Resources

Wi-Fi Printing

Use our printers directly from your own device.

Expert Sessions

Consult with a member of our professional staff to get the help you need with today’s handheld devices, apps, and computers. We stay on top of the latest developments so you don’t have to. Book a session with one of our experts today.

The Library’s subscription to brings you a great selection of professional-quality online training courses. Whether you need to learn about Adobe Photoshop or LinkedIn, the Library has you covered with

Digital Media Lab

If you want to spread your creative wings, we have the tools to help. Our studio mic, music keyboard, photo scanner, graphics tablet, and iMac loaded with FinalCut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite will help you make your best ideas real. We also have video conversion equipment so you can transfer your VHS home movies onto DVD.

Computer Resources

The Library has both Macintosh and Windows computers available for public use. Standard Microsoft Office software is installed on computers.

3-D Printing

The Library will print your 3-D design on a Dremel 3D45 printer free of charge. For more info click “3-D Printing”

Technology Events

TechTalk Live

Technology comes in all forms—from gadgets to online services. If you’re looking for a trusted guide to help navigate you through this tricky world, TechTalk Live programs may be just what you need. These informative programs discuss the latest tech issues in easy-to-understand language. These informal sessions offer attendees ample opportunities to ask questions.


Watch for upcoming programs!


Kitchen Tech: Holiday Gift Guide

Tuesday, December 11 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Want to get something for that special budding chef in your life? Let us ease your holiday stress a bit with our kitchen tech gift suggestions. You will get culinary ideas for every budget that are sure to be a hit

Snapping 101: Instagram & SnapChat for Parents & Grandparents

Wednesday, January 16 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.


Wondering how to stay connected with the elusive teens and young adults in your life? Texting is out and SnapChat and Instagram are in. Join us to learn the basics of these social media platforms, including what they are and how to use them. You will be “Snapping” in no time!

Let's Go Digital

Wednesday, January 23 7:00 p.m.-8:15 p.m.

If you have ever wondered whether there’s a better way to store your bins of old photos, boxes of home videos, or stacks of LPs, you are in luck! Join us to learn both how and why to convert photos, videos, and music to digital formats.

Technology Links

A well-respected technology blog, Engadget covers a lot of ground. News items and stories are categorized (e.g. Reviews, Culture, etc.) for easy retrieval.

If your computing interests lie on the Apple side of the spectrum, you can do no better than Macsurfer for daily updates to news and reviews on everything in the Mac and iOS world.

An excellent and accessible tech news and review site, has an easy to use navigation system to drill down to the precise type of information you need (e.g. Tech/Virtual Reality, Reviews/Tablets).

A great review aggregator, Consumersearch scours the internet looking for reviews of products. When they have information from enough sources, they create reports. Their coverage of tech products and services is quite good (e.g. external hard drives, dating sites, and cell phone plans), though they cover a range of products.